Bench Class of 2012

A study of achievement in biology using peer-reviewed student journals to examine human body systems and the impact of advances in biotechnology by Susan Shepard

A Study of The Effect of Conducting a Stem Cell Biotechnology Lab on High School Anatomy and Physiology Students Development of an Interest in Biomedical Science Careers by Eileen Roach

A study of the effects of biotechnology labs and analyses of case studies about science ethics on Forensic Science students’ knowledge and application of science ethics by Leah Bobula

A Study of the Impact of Biotechnology Lessons on Student Learning in Anatomy and Physiology by Joanie Martir

A study of the impact of incorporating biotechnology virtual labs, computer resources, case studies, and hands-on biotechnology laboratory activities into the Biology classroom by Jill Stephens

A Study to evaluate the impact of Biotechnology-infused labs in a Chemistry Honors course drawing from the use of the scientific method by Terry Harvey

An evaluation of the effectiveness of peer-directed, problem based biotechnology lessons on students’ confidence in real-world problem solving and higher level thinking by Anna Stevens

An Inquiry into Building Student Confidence in Scientific and Mathematical Knowledge and Enhancing Student Achievement by Implementing Biotechnology Lessons by Gabi Powers

Determining the impact of biosciences related case studies on chemistry students’ ability to answer higher order questions by Alana Fraddosio

Exploring the Effects of Biotechnology Laboratory Applications on Student Interest and Enrollment in Upper Level Science Course Selection by High School Biology Students by Tomeka Thompson

Incorporation and full integration of iPad technology with a biosciences focus in a Biology Honors classroom to document students’ engagement in virtual laboratory experiments by Craig Tench

Strengthening Students’ Science Foundation and Exposing Them to Their Career Opportunities in Biotechnology in Hopes That Those Students Will Obtain a Science Degree by Vanessa Moosavifazel

The Effects of Biotechnology Based Case Studies Combined with Biotechnology Laboratory Experiences on Student Interest, Knowledge and Skills in AP Environmental Science by Joe Mallon

The Effects of Incorporating Biotechnology Labs with the Infectious Agents and Disease unit in Comprehensive Science class on Student Achievement and Engagement by Paula Nixon

The Effects of inquiry Based labs using a Biotechnology Model; a study on the attitudes and performances of students in an alternative school setting by Kaye Sheets

The Effects of integrating Biotechnology-related Case Studies and Guided Inquiry into the Advanced Placement Biology Curriculum on Student Interest and Achievement by Melissa Guinta

The Impact of Interactive Science Notebooks on Chemistry Students’ use of Evidence-Based Reasoning in a Biotechnology Laboratory Experience by Samuel Crupi

The impact of narrative teaching utilizing biotechnology concepts on students’ attitude towards chemistry, their understanding of the practical applications of chemistry by Karen Smith Elvie

The Impact of Using Professional Development Workshops in Biotechnology on Life Science Teachers’ Knowledge, Willingness and Confidence in Incorporating Biotechnology Skills by Janet Bisogno

The impacts of biotechnology lessons taught during the chemistry unit of ninth grade Physical Science by Chanda Leon

To Clone Or Not To Clone, Hmm….. That Is the Question by Edna Coleman

Using Forensic Science and Biotechnology to Promote Student Engagement, Interest, and Achievement by Naomi Cowie

We Want You The Impact of Educational Technology and Cooperative Learning on Attitudes, Learning Gains, and Interest in STEM-related Careers in a High School Biology Classroom by Lauren Case

What do you expect, I’m from Mulberry! Raising the level of confidence – using biotechnology to build science success by Stace Alcala

When will I ever use this – Bridging Science core curriculum and Science oriented careers for inner city high school students by Jessica Johnston

Working Together The impact of cooperative learning through DNA-focused biotechnology labs on interest in Medical Sciences and Biotechnology of Biology students by Greg Kaplan