Bench Class of 2011

A Study of the Impact of Teaching in-depth Biotechnology Concepts and Laboratory Techniques on the Knowledge, Attitudes and Skills of High School Biology Students by Ybelise Escoto

Evaluating the effectiveness of enriching high school biology lessons with biotechnology skillscareers and biomedical case studies in order to improve at-risk student attitudes by Brenda Braitling

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Inquiry Based Biotechnology Lessons on Attitudes and Real World Application of Information to Multi-Ethnic IB Students by Retha Prescod

Expanding Student Understanding of Biotechnology Fields Through the Use of Professional Networking Sites by Kyle Smith

Facebook with CPET – The Surveyed Effects of a Biomedical Lecture Series on Educational and Social Attitudes by Kim Dahl

Impact of Biotechnology Laboratory Investigations on (1) Student Curricular Knowledge and (2) AttitudeInterest toward Chemistry in Rural Suburban High School Students by Nick Eliason

Investigation of the Effects of an Inquiry-based Version of AP Lab 6b on Students’ Knowledge of the Methods, Utility, and Application of Biotechnology Techniques by Brandon Boswell

Overcoming Challenges in the High School Science Research Classroom A Study of the Improving Internet Research Skills and the Student’s Ability to Design and Conduct a Scientific Experiment by Paula Ladd

A Study of the Impact of Translational Medical Research and Biotechnology Lab Applications on Student Understanding of Biomolecules and Attitudes toward Stem Cell Practices by Inga Pinnix

The Effect of Applying Biotechnology Skills Through Case-Study Learning on Increasing Interest in Biotechnology Fields by Jody Bertram

The Effect of Discovery Learning through Biotechnology on the Knowledge and Awareness of Type 2 Diabetes and its Genetics on Lower Income Students in a Rural Community by Deirdre Riggs

The effect of exposure to current biomedical themed activities related to chemistry on student situational interest, attitudes and self-concept in chemistry by Stephanie Quintero

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The impact on critical thinking and writing skills when biotechnology activities and a case study approach are incorporated into a high school anatomy course by Tia Brown

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What’s It All About – Stem Cells by Marcia deMeza

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The Effect of Using a Standardized Lab Notebook Protocol on the Science Literacy, Biotechnology Skills and Confidence Levels in the AS Level AICE Biology Class by Jacqueline Insalaco