Bench Class of 2010

A Comparative Study of Teaching Strategies in Biotechnology Education with the Inclusion of Game Simulation by Renae Allen

A Study of the Effects of Computerized Gaming and Cutting-Edge Research on Students’ Developing a More Positive Attitude Toward Biotechnology by James Pignatiello

A Study on the Effectiveness of Peer Tutoring as a Teaching Method in High School Biotechnology Labs by June Camerlengo

A Study of the Impact of an Integrated Approach to Geometry using Biotechnology by Rebecca Bissonette

A Study of Inquiry Investigations Using Biotechnology in Anatomy and Physiology Secondary Education to Improve Attitudes Toward Science by Valerie Pfister

An Approach to Probe Learning Progression in Understanding Molecular Structures by Lee Holmes

An Unknown Protein Oh No – A Quest for a Rainforest Medicine by Lois Walsh

Application of Interactive Biotechnology Lessons in a Rural School to Assess Student Achievement and Attitudes by Jessica Mahoney

Attitude is Everything – A Study of the Impact of Biotechnology Inquiry based Activities on 9th Grade Student Attitudes and Achievement in Science by Nicole Sasnett

Biotechnology Professional Development for Secondary and Middle School Educators by Dawn Hartley

Does Using Biotechnology in Hands-On Experiences Affect Student Achievement and Understanding of Chemistry Concepts by Allison Grant

Empower High School Student Research in Biotechnology by Chin-Tang Liu

Enhancing the Learning Achievement and Attitude of Biotechnology for the Student with the Aid of Virtual Gaming by Tammy Stundon

Examining Student Understanding of the Nature of Science in Relation to Frequency of Exposure to Biotechnology Inquiry by Lavonda Deale

High School Physical Science Students’ Attitudes and Avility to Identify Biotechnology Careers via Student Career Research and Sharing by Stephanie Vandenhurk

Making Chemistry Relevant Via a Connection to Biotechnology by Donna Donovan

Mission Biotech Gaming – A Study of How Video Gaming can make Difficult Subjects in Science Easier to Understand in a High School Setting by Pam Teske

Preparing High School Students for Biotechnology Careers by Laura Bushwitz

Protein Crystallization by Karen Ford

Rare Mutations Threaten Citizens – XMEN found in Starke by Cynthia Bagley

Teaching a Lesson in Bioethics in a Biotechnology Class by Kathy Savage

Teaching Biotechnology in the Classroom by Stephanie Bundy

Teaching Scientific Inquiry Through Translational Bioscience by Charlynn Campbell

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The Influence of Biomedicine Activities on Attitude and Achievement of High School Seniors by Teresa Nick

Will the Inclusion of Material from Bench to Bedside Affect Students Understanding of Biotechnology by Nancy Browne