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Published: December 15th, 2017

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Online application portal opens January 2018

We are excited to announce the launch of our online application portal, opening January 3rd, 2018!  This portal will allow students, parents, and teachers to use an integrated platform to fill out applications, request and submit endorsement forms, track transcript and academic record receipt, and complete program forms.  Click here to apply!

Get a head start on your application

Current essay prompts and application requirements are listed on each program page – no need to wait for the application portal to open, students may start their essays now!  Application materials include essays, report cards/transcripts, teacher endorsements, and more. Visit our 2018 Student Program Application Information Page for more information.

Welcome, RISE & REx!

We’d like to welcome our newly named programs, RISE and  REx!

Research Immersion in Science and Engineering (RISE), takes the place of Science Quest.  While RISE is also a one week program for students entering 10th grade, it will have a slightly different focus and structure than Science Quest.  RISE aims to introduce students to the iterative cycle of innovations in science and engineering. From basic science research to the development of new applications, therapies, and technologies, students will learn how research scientists and engineers contribute new knowledge and innovative approaches to tackle societal issues.

Research Explorations( REx) is the new combined name for what were formerly the Research in Environmental Toxicology (RET) and Explorations in Biomedical Research (EBR) programs.  REx is an advanced introduction to research science.  Students can attend one of two tracks – Ecotoxicology or Biomedical.  While the specialized components of each track are separate, REx functions as one program with students from both tracks living, dining, and socializing together.

Welcome back!

We’re happy to announce the second year of Gator Computing Program, the third year of the Florida Youth Institute, the fourth year of Humanities and the Sunshine State, and the (drum roll, please!) 60th Annual UF Student Science Training Program! That’s right! Summer 2018 will mark the 60th consecutive year of UF SSTP. More than 5,275 academically talented students from around the world have completed this rigorous summer residential research program since its inception in 1959.

What our programs offer:

  • Interactive activities in biological, chemical, environmental, biomedical and engineering
  • Access to university research-level labs and equipment
  • Mentorship and networking among University of Florida faculty and staff
  • Opportunity to engage in educational experiences one cannot obtain in a typical classroom environment

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