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Mini Medical School covered in The POST

Published: Feb 27th, 2014

“In November and December, dozens of science teachers took on the role of students as they sat and listened to scientists talk about UF’s recent research findings. Nearly 200 teachers […]

SSTP Alumnus brings Embry Riddle colleagues to 2014 CASE

Published: Feb 18th, 2014

Kevin Leong, a former SSTP student researcher, was one of eight SSTP students invited to present his research at the annual HHMI Science for Life Creativity in the Arts and Sciences […]

CPET Travels to Palm Beach for Elementary Science

Published: Feb 3rd, 2014

CPET recently had the great opportunity to travel south to West Palm Beach and work with some fantastic 5th grade teachers. Our first adventure into the world of elementary science was […]